Telecommunications, Satellite and IT

Telecommunication and information technology have been at the centre stage of robust growth in India. The sector demands knowledge and integration of ever evolving technologies with existing systems, guidelines and regulations.

Members of the Firm regularly advise on:

  • Regulatory aspects of joint ventures, foreign investments and business partnerships in the telecommunications, satellite and information technology sectors including all aspects of licensing, uthorizations and permits.
  • Approvals for provision of cellular and basic telephone services, value added services, mobile radio trunk services including radio transmission systems and optical fibre transmission systems.
  • Legal issues related to VSAT, satellite based services (with or without international gateways) and Wi-Fi.
  • Approvals and compliances for Infrastructure Providers I and II, master services agreements with licensed operators, mobile tower operations, land lease and license.
  • Legal issues concerning IPLC sale, foreign satellite coordination, broadcasting and direct to home connectivity and terrestrial arrangements, access and interconnection issues.
  • Information technology licensing, e-commerce and internet laws, data protection and privacy issues.
  • Terms for development, hosting and operation of websites and revenue sharing arrangements.
  • Software development and technology licensing agreements, terms and conditions of customized and off the shelf programs.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and corporate and debt finance in the sector;
    Tax planning, transfer pricing and continuation of tax benefits; and
    Resolution of technology disputes.

Notable Representations

  • Aircel Ltd., on business transfer of towers, General Electric, India on Closed User Group network architecture.
  • ProtoStar US on India’s satellite communication policies.
  • Shergroup Ltd, UK in connection with restructuring telecom networks in the UK and India (established by British Telecom) to be compliant with DoT’s regulations, and advise on establishing a wholly owned subsidiary in the SEZ for provision of debt collection export services.
  • Biogen Idec, Switzerland on media laws applicable to advertisement of drugs. and
  • M.G.R. Spa and Eaglemoss, UK on print media and title registration issues.