Minimising Corporate Liability of Directors – Inputs by Ms. Seema Jhingan, Partner

LexCounsel has recently contributed to the IR Global publication in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Counsel on ‘Minimising Corporate Liability: Advice From Outside Counsel’. This publication offers a unique jurisdictional perspective on Director Duties and Liabilities & Reporting to the Board, Corporate Governance, reputation management, ethics and regulatory compliance and includes contributions from 23 outside counsel across multiple jurisdictions. It touches on the key areas of director liability, governance mechanisms between board and c-suite executives and current trends within regulatory agencies and courts that in-house counsel should be aware of.

Ms. Seema Jhingan (Partner, LexCounsel) has also offered her insight into the above areas from an Indian law perspective.

IR Global is the fastest growing professional service network in the world; providing legal, accountancy and financial advice across 155+ jurisdictions, and a full copy of its publication, can be downloaded from the following link

Ms. Seema Jhingan, Partner, at the BW Education School Leaders Conclave

Ms. Seema Jhingan (Partner), as a Guest Speaker at BW Education School Leaders Conclave organized on May 8th, 2018 at Shangri-La, New Delhi, addressing the sensitive issues related to Liabilities for the School Management, Staff and Trustees of the Board and possible Management Strategies in compliance with Applicable Laws.


LexCounsel, Law Offices Sponsors ‘The General Counsel Conclave’, Goa

Ms. Seema Jhingan, Partner spoke on Risks Associated with M&A Transactions, Mitigation of Such Risks and Concept of Liability with nuances of Indemnification and Liquidated Damages.

Ms. Rupal Bhatia, Associate Partner, spoke about Arbitration and Mediation and Impact and Implications of the New Amendments to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996


International Food Law and Policy – India Chapter Authored by Ms. Dimpy Mohanty (Partner, LexCounsel, Law Offices)

Ms. Dimpy Mohanty, Partner, LexCounsel, Law Offices has authored the India Chapter in the book “International Food Law and Policy”, a copy of which book is available at 

The book covers major aspects of food regulation, law, policy, food safety and environmental sustainability in a global context. An abstract of the India Chapter may be seen at