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Dispute Resolution

At LexCounsel, we understand that given today's competitive global marketplace, disputes are inevitable. Members of LexCounsel offer strategic advise keeping in view the merits of the case against the backdrop of the average life span of litigating a dispute to final adjudication in Indian courts and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms available. A sound legal strategy, not only aimed at the final outcome of the matter, but also taking into account the position of the litigants during the prolonged adjudication process and complimentary legal actions, executed with requisite aggression, is a must to secure favorable results in litigation in India. LexCounsel adopts the process of advising the clients on the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and thereafter assisting them in implementing the chosen course of action.

Members of the Firm have experience in handling all types of legal disputes including disputes before the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, lower courts and tribunals in India. Our members also regularly conduct arbitration and mediation, assisting clients to expeditiously resolve their disputes.

With our representation, many clients have been successful in resolution of their legal disputes concerning company, employment, tax, constitutional, consumer protection and intellectual property matters and actions under penal laws, disputes in the sectors of information technology, infrastructure, banking and finance, bankruptcy, winding up and disputes arising out of contractual and commercial understandings.

Notable Representations

  • Franchisee of McDonalds against the Union of India challenging levy of service tax; and
  • Representation of media group in a breach of contract by a TV performer by appearance in a reality show.