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LexCounsel has a worldwide reach through its memberships of two outstanding international professional networks, namely International lawyers Network and Alliott Group. These memberships provide LexCounsel an access to top quality law and accountancy firms and professionals across the globe along with an ability to utilize their jurisdiction specific expertise for the benefit and service of its clients.


International Lawyers Network is an association of more than 90 high-quality, full-service and specialized law firms with over 5,000 lawyers in more than 66 countries on six continents.

As one of the largest networks of experienced attorneys in the world, International Lawyers Network provides a platform for clients to access quality legal professionals worldwide, with the cost-effectiveness and personalized service only independent, regional law firms can provide. The excellence, demonstrated experience, worldwide presence, and relationships of International Lawyers Network combine to make this network one of the leading associations of independent law firms in the world.

Alliott Group is a worldwide alliance of independent accounting, law and consulting firms. With more than 160 member firms in some 70 countries, the group meets the local and cross-border needs of its members and their clients.

Membership allows firms to both retain and attract business through the ability to connect with like minded professionals in other jurisdictions. Members exchange, benchmark and share know-how and best practice information on both a technical and practice management level.

"International Referral is a global group of over 700 members from around the world and operates across the Legal, Accountancy, Finance & Transaction Services fields. The group has representatives in over 150 jurisdictions and offers the world’s largest vetted network of leading firms.

The vetting process ensures all firms are of the highest quality and also have a shared ethos of ethical networking and client service. This subsequently offers a group which is not just renowned for the quality of the firms but also the individuals within.”